A little determination and some help from the wonderful products from Annie Sloan, can turn any out dated piece of furniture into an up-cycled masterpiece!


Let Us Make It Simple For You: 

Start with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colour Chart and see what takes your fancy!

^This image was borrowed from our friends @ Pinterest


Begin on a small project to get into the swing of using chalk paint.

Our planters have turned out brilliant, just one coat of paint can brighten up anything! 

There are many more smaller pieces in our homes which can be touched up with our ever so popular chalk paint and guilding waxes from Annie Sloan. 

Have you got a picture frame that looks dated and shabbey? ..Look no further

^ Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint & Guidling Wax in Bright Silver was used for our first frame. 

^Bright Gold Guilding Wax was added to our second frame which was painted with Old White.

^How great does Guilding Wax by Annie Sloan make a plain frame look? - even the lightest touch can amplify and create your desired effect !


Chalk paint can be distressed also to create the style you want to achieve.

Why not practice this on a smaller item first, even just a simple jam jar will do and you will be left with a beautiful finished product also! 

^This image was borrowed from our friends @ Pinterest


The Annie Sloan Sanding Pads are very versatile for creating this effect as they include a fine, medium & coarse pad. They can be used wet or dry and are very durable, reusable & washable.


Now for a BIGGER project....


Deciding whether to paint our chair Barcelona Orange or Amsterdam Green???

AFTER: Look who won! 

^Black Wax was added for that extra step to give a more rustic feel to our finished product. 

^Another one of our bigger projects - Amsterdam Green looks magnificent on what used to be a dark drab table. This chalk paint just breaths life into anything it touches.

Stay tuned for more of our projects and ideas for using a range of paints and waxes from the Annie Sloan collection available in store and online now!