The Irish designer we absolutely adore at the moment is none other than Michelle Owens!  Michelle Owens Art supplies the must wonderful and unique portraits. What makes her pieces so original is the fact they are made from Sea Glass and various other treasures from the sea. 

Michelle spent many years walking the beach, collecting treasures, shells stones and sea glass. She always knew she would end up creating something very different with her treasures. 

The sea glass is recycled glass thrown from ships or simply left on the beaches. They can date back from a couple of years to hundreds of years. All found on the beaches of Ireland. The glass & stones are cleaned and polished by hand. They are used in their original shape & colour.

Each picture is original and handmade. No two are the same - Which makes them even more unique! 

A contemporary twist using ancient materials in a white frame, is a recipe for success. Michelle has created something for everyone by constructing many thought provoking compositions based around heartwarming themes leaving no stone unturned - Literally!

You can view a few pieces of Sea Glass Art we currently have in store below: 


^ Ideal for that Perfect Couple!



^ For the High Flyers! 





The perfect gift idea, as there is a broad range of pieces to suit each every occasion.


Creative & Witty they catch everyones eye, so why not pop in store today & see for yourself!  


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