We have a beautiful collection of Easter Decorations in store. 

Here at Forget-Me-Not we have a unique selection of decorations to suit everyones style. Many pieces can be used for decorating your mantle piece to give your home some extra character this Easter season! 

Here are just a few pieces we have in store:


^ Beautiful decorative egg can be placed anywhere.                                                                                      

Layer big and small easter egg decorations on your Easter Tree to create an interesting focal point in your home or office ! 


Decorative egg cup can be used all year round also.                                                                                       


How cute is this bunny snow globe? 



^ These guys are full of character.                                                                                                                            


^ How could you refuse this little guy? 


^These Disney inspired chicks are so vibrant & will brighten any display! 


 ^ Brilliant idea taken from Pinterest which is simple to achieve, even for those of you who hate DIY...add any characters of your choice to make your home into an Easter Wonderland. 



 Colorful Peeps & Jelly Bean Vase - Cheerful vase makes an excellent Easter centerpiece 

Mixing floral decorations and Easter characters and eatable items like jelly beans, makes an interesting vocal point for any seasonal display. The kids will definitely enjoy helping with this one!


Easter Tree Ideas !

Just as you thought Christmas was over, we have another use for a simple tree! 

^ An easy DIY display can be made with a few branches, a jug and the rest of the decorating is up to your imagination! 


^ Very out there display - combination between an Easter Wreath & an Easter Tree



^ One of our Easter Trees in store!

Decorating for Easter is now very diverse. Any style can be achieved effortlessly, to suit your own personal taste. Set yourself a challenge and start creating , if you haven't already started! 

Feel free to send us photos of your beautiful Easter displays - just post it to our Facebook page: @ForgetMeNotCraftShop  


Some imagery courtesy of Pinterest as well as shops own.