Every year there are obviously alot of traditional colours that must be part of our broad array of decorations – silver, gold, red, green.  But each year we see fresh styles and fresh uses of these traditional themes.

Our three feature trees contain many themes. Some of these fresh new takes on christmas decorations are just too unique to pass by.

Take a look at a few unique decorations we have on display. There are many more to take your fancy, something for everyones taste this Christmas!

Why not pop by and be tempted in store to make an addition to your christmas tree! 

A large selection of eye catching decorations which are glittering in store!


Funky Chicken & Frog decorations will brighten up any tree!

The popular robin in a scenic setting is fit for the best of traditional Christmas trees.

Beautiful copper tones & plenty designs to choose from! 



For those dog lovers also, we've left no stone unturned!

Why not fall for something unusual for your tree this Christmas  =P