Find something extraordinary and unusual in store & get inspired on every visit!

These vintage teacups are just one example of such an unique item. 

The uses for these vintage teacups are endless. For those of you who are creative or want to try something new, you can mould these vintage teacups into something even more original if you want!

Here are some great ideas on how to up cycle your vintage teacups: 

Firstly, how about making your beautiful teacup shine brighter by making it into a simple candle.



Another simple idea includes beautiful details something for the sewer & craft lover......


Our next idea is funeasy…and inexpensive as a way to decorate and add pop to your table! Something to try at home asap...Love it!  <3

Lastly these more extreme ideas aren't for the faint hearted....they are very cottage chic!

Light your creativity with these beautiful fixtures


A timely project, but worth the effort for this elegant & tea-riffic result!


Before you attempt any of the above, sit back, relax & have a cup of tea!