Here are a few tips on how to pull of wearing a bold statement necklace and still maintain a classic and dainty style. There are so many styles today that you can choose a statement necklace that will best fit your personality. Every woman can buy her favourite colour, personal style-polished, street casual, avant garde, eclectic etc. or focus on a certain trend asthetic – tribal, floral, bohemian etc.


* How to accessorize for certain necklines. View our chain chart above ^


A statement necklace can instantly dress up a simple outfit and revamp an old one. Eye-catching details work well with plain or monochromatic ensembles, making the accessory stand out but statement necklaces can also be mixed with bold prints, striking patterns and textures. You might think there’s a lot going on but if you choose a monochromatic statement necklace that complements the colours in your outfit, the overall look can still come out coordinated. Here are some ideas to how you can incorporate a bold necklace in your existing wardrobe.


* One of few Statement Necklaces we have in store ! ^


Remember to keep your other jewellery to a minimum. Stick with simple earrings as much as possible and avoid wearing bracelets or bangles. Rings are fine as long as they are thin and subtle.


^ Adding a large statement necklace can break up an all-black ensemble also!